August 30, 2016

Roof Heat Proofing & Insulation

Roof Waterproofing Bathroom Water Tank Leakage Treatment (63)

Roof Waterproofing & Heat Proofing Service

Roof Heat Proofing Services:

KCS Waterproofing is providing best quality Chemical Heat Proofing Services. We have achieved good results through our imported chemicals and skilled team. Our Chemical Heat Proofing Service is widely accepted in residential as well as in industrial sectors. Most important is our special chemical mixture has an excellent resistance to UV Rays (Sun Light) which gives very pleasant results even in hot summer days.

After application our treatment makes an insulation protective-film which resists the sunlight and hold tight not to let heat flow to penetrate into the roof. Ultimately, this film acts as the insulation layer between room and outer temperature. This insulation does not let the outer heat to enter into the room’s temperature. Consequently, it gives better results for heat protection.

Our treatment acts as a best effective barrier to UV Rays (Heat) and atmospheric effect. Our treatment is highly admired by our clients.


  • Enhances your AC cooling
  • Fan gives you comfortable air instead of hot air
  • Decreases itchy atmosphere in the room
  • Decreases suffocation inside the room
  • Isolates room temperature and outer temperature
  • You can walk on top of the roof even in a hot summer day.


  • Excellent Heat Resistance
  • High Heat Endurance of About 85%
  • Extra Sunlight Diversion
  • Extra Flexible
  • Extra Durable & Long Life
  • Milky White in Color
  • Extremely Fine Surface
  • & Delicate Look

Roof Heat Proofing Treatment Roof Heat Proofing Treatment

Roof Heat Proofing Treatment