August 27, 2016

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Roof Leakage Waterproofing Services:

KCS Waterproofing is providing almost all types of Roof Waterproofing services RCC Roof Waterproofing Service Metal Roof Waterproofing Service Cement Sheet Roof Waterproofing Service Fiber Roof Waterproofing Service Pre Cast Roof Waterproofing Service Warehouse Roof Waterproofing Service Shed Roof Waterproofing Service. Roof Leakage Waterproofing we have produced 100% results even in heavy rain. Services in all areas of Karachi, DHA Karachi Gizri Karachi Clifton Karachi Johar Karachi FB Area Hydri Karachi Malir Cantt Karachi Site Karachi Kornagi Karachi Quaidabad Tariq Road Gulshan e Iqbal Landhi Ihsanabad Defence Askari Shahfaisal Kaneez Fatima KPT Port Qasim Hadeed.

Ultimately, our treatment provides best resistance and smooth flow to the rain water and saves you and your home from all kinds of leakage and direct rain water etc.

Our treatment let you live comfortable even in heavy rain. For more details about rates and services please feel free to email us via web contact we will be happy to furnish you.

Roof Crack Joints Leakage Waterproofing Services:

KCS ideas of life is providing quality treatment for Roof Cracks Joints Leaks damps. We treat such problems with different techniques depending upon the type of problem. Filling and covering with different sheets and canvas provides very effective barrier against direct rain water and moisture etc.

Roof Cracks Joints Leaks are effectively treated through our different techniques. We have produced extraordinary results in execution of such roof problems. Our treatment is qualitative and long lasting.
This treatment is strong enough to resist water through such damages.

Roof Heat Proofing Cool Roof Coating – Convert Your Existing Roof Into Cool Roof

KCS ideas of life is providing best quality Chemical Heat Proofing Treatment. We have achieved good results through our imported chemicals and skilled team. Our Chemical Heat Proofing Treatment is widely accepted in residential as well as in industrial sectors. Most important is our special chemical mixture has an excellent resistance to UV Rays (Sun Light) which gives very pleasant results even in hot summer days.

After application our treatment makes an insulation protective-film which resists the sunlight and hold tight not to let the heat flow to penetrate into the roof. Ultimately, this film acts as the insulation layer between room and outer temperature. This insulation does not let the outer heat to enter into the room’s temperature. Consequently, it gives better results for heat protection.

Our treatment acts as a best effective barrier to UV Rays (Heat) and atmospheric effect. Our treatment is highly admired by our clients.


  • Enhances your AC cooling
  • Fan gives you comfortable air instead of hot air
  • Decreases itchy atmosphere in the room
  • Decreases suffocation inside the room
  • Isolates room temperature and outer temperature
  • You can walk on top of the roof even in a hot summer day.

Basement Leakage Waterproofing Services:

Basement leakage is one of the most critical issue in waterproofing field. Basement leakage is dealt very carefully and seriously for water enters into the residential areas and spoils the whole interior of the building.

KCS ideas of life is providing very compact Basement Waterproofing Treatment. We have good working experience of basement waterproofing and we have produced extraordinary results through our skilled team and imported chemicals. Basement waterproofing treatment also involves techniques and experience to resist the water. For water enters inside the basement from very cracks, joints, leaks and some time from very hairy cracks. We have the combo treatment for this type of leakage. So if you are having any kind of leakage in your basement just make us a call we will be happy to furnish you.

Bathroom Leakage Waterproofing Services:

KCS is offering best waterproofing services for congested bathroom’s cracks, joints, leakage and seepage problems. Bathroom leakage is very common especially in Karachi about 90% buildings and structures face bathroom leakage problems. This is because water is frequently used within this area and concrete is not enough to hold water within the confined premises.

KCS specialize in Bathroom Chemical Waterproofing Treatment within 24 hours without breaking anything and without dismantling anything. Our team is specialized in technical issues like:

  • Bathroom Critical Leaks Seeps Treatment
  • Hidden Cracks & Joints Filling
  • Base Tile Grout Filling
  • Tile Cracks Filling
  • P-Trap Chemical Filling
  • General Points Chemical Filling

All such issues are treated very technically without breaking and dismantling anything. Mostly, Bathroom Leakage problem is faced by down side resident for it emerges on the roof. If you are having such problem you do not need to spoil the delicate look of your bathroom.
Just make us a call we will treat the problem and after our treatment your bathroom will be intact. We warranty our work depending upon the type of work.

Water Tank Leakage Waterproofing Services:

KCS ideas of life is providing best Water Tank Leakage Treatment. Water Tank Leakage is found very common especially in Karachi for water is abundantly stored in tanks to meet the water shortage. Commonly two types of tanks are formed underground and overhead. Overhead tank has only one type of leakage internal, but underground tank has two types of leakages internal and external. Both types of leakages are very serious and hazardous for the building structure. Underground tank’s leakage is more hazardous comparatively.

We provide best chemical waterproofing treatment for both types of water tanks. Our imported chemicals make a plastic insulation film inside the tank walls. Our chemical application limits water to enter into the tanks walls. Ultimately, It result’s water do not escape from the desired areas and durable insulation limits water to remain confined tank only.

This all procedure will be executed without breaking and dismantling anything. A complete time, money and building structure saving treatment.

Water Tank Leakage Test

KCS recommends checking water level in water tank at night and marking it. Check the water level again at morning if the water level is below the marked point then water tank is leak. A very simple test you can carry out to check your tank. Hope this information will help a lot.

Floor Walls Kitchen Bathroom Leakage Waterproofing Services:

KCS ideas of life is providing waterproofing services for Floor, Walls, Washing Areas, Kitchen etc. We offer very effective treatments for such problems. These kinds of issues are very common in Karachi for water is frequently used in these areas and concrete is not enough to hold water within limited areas. Therefore, chemical waterproofing is very necessary for such areas to resist water to avoid damps to interior/paint/wall etc.

If you are having any kind of such issue feel free to contact us we will resolve the issue within 24-hours without breaking and dismantling anything. After our treatment your areas will be intact and your delicate interior will remain untouched.

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