August 27, 2016

Why Choose Us



  • We are independent – We choose best solution for every waterproofing issue
  • Personal contact – the person who takes the enquiry follows the project to its conclusion
  • We listen – Attention to detail
  • All services, waterproofing, heat proofing etc. are dealt carefully
  • Strength – We put all strength to resolve the problem even big or small
  • We never walk away from a problem
  • Our repeat business client base speaks for itself

We are extremely good at what we do:

KCS has been in this business since last many years; this adds a lot in experience and problem diagnosis.

We understand business:

Having worked for leading companies across virtually all sectors Residential, Commercial as well as Industrial has made us understand the business from every corner.

We know how integrated communications work:

We have worked with professionals in all disciplines of waterproofing, involving roofs, water tanks, basements, washing areas, walls, floors etc. This means we fit seamlessly into new or existing projects of waterproofing and, if required, are always happy to put clients in touch with our specialists.

 We care about what we do:

We always want to do well by our clients: we care about their reputation as much as we do about ours. This is partly professional pride, partly personal ethics. Doing a good job really matters to us.

Before assigning your project whether big or small it is necessary to make sure about the company. Most of the waterproofing companies are part time companies. Being part time they do not care about the work and its quality. These type of companies are completely unprofessional.

With the passage of time these companies change their name and contacts and appear again in the market with completely new panorama. So, to find them again is a mystery.

KCS is full time waterproofing company working since last many years with same name and same contacts. Easy to access 24/7 round the year. KCS cares about valued clients, projects and quality.

KCS, a full time waterproofing professional company, a brand name.