Roof Waterproofing Services

Roof Waterproofing Services


roof is the top covering of a home, building, structure, warehouse, container, including all materials and constructions necessary to support it on the walls of the building or on uprights. Roof in a structure is of high prime importance providing protection against all seasonal impacts rain, snow, sunlight, storm, extremes of temperature & wind. Therefore, roof needs intense care to bear all these seasonal impacts. In the roof repair most important factor is roof waterproofing 

Types of roofs

Roof Types different types of roofs they are named according to their shapes. Gable Roof · Clipped Gable Roof · Dutch Gable Roof · Gambrel Roof · Hip Roof · Mansard Roof · Shed Roof · Flat Roof (Low Slope Roof), Inclined Roof, Butterfly Roof, Hip Roof. In Europe mostly these types of roof are formed but here in Karachi Pakistan mostly flat roofs are formed some the buildings have inclined roofs as well. These all types of roofs needs roof repair maintenance & roof damage repair depending upon the type of material they are made of. In the roof repair & maintenance these all roof also needs own kind of waterproofing repair depending upon the type of material

Roof Materials

Different types of materials are used forming a roof. Concrete roof, wooden roof, fiber roof, slab roof, metal roof, clay tile roof, asphalt roof, green roof, fiberglass roof. In Europe almost all types of materials are used in roof forming. But here in Karachi Pakistan & South Asia most of the roofs are concrete roofs, slab roof, metal roofs & clay tile roofs.

Roof Repair & Maintenance

These all types of roof needs intense care roof maintenance & roof repair to bear the seasonal impacts. Therefore, different types of repair techniques are followed to fix the roof damages and different types of waterproofing materials are used to fix the roof damages to protect from leakage seepage & direct rain water losses. 


KCS’s Waterproofing is the process of applying a material to an object or structure so it resists the ingress of water or remains relatively unaffected by exposure to moisture under specific conditions. Waterproofing is typically used on structures that, under normal circumstances, would not be operable in wet or damp environments.

Concrete Waterproofing

KCS Waterproofing is providing two most common ways in Karachi Pakistan to waterproof concrete a liquid cementitious waterproofing solution and elastomeric waterproofing solution specifically designed for concrete waterproofing. This method is commonly used in residential concrete roof water tank bathroom for its easy installation low cost light weighted & durability. Liquid bitumen & membrane waterproofing is also used in in Pakistan for concrete waterproofing but mostly in industrial sectors. But the extra benefit of cementitous & elastomeric concrete waterproofing solution it is a thick substance/coating/paint that turns into a rubber-like coating once applied to concrete roof water tank bathroom basement inside or outside.

Roof Waterproofing

KCS’s Roof waterproofing is the a process of applying a waterproof coating to the roof top so that it can resists leakage seepage direct rain water the ingress of water or remains relatively unaffected by exposure to moisture under specific conditions. Roof waterproofing coating is typically used on all kinds of roof tops such as rcc roof concrete roof metal roof fiber roof etc. Roof waterproofing not only protect roof from leakage seepage but it also enhance the life of roof.

Roof Waterproofing Services

Karachi Chemical Services – KCS Waterproofing is the only professional “waterproofing company ” in Karachi Pakistan providing 100% multi stage dynamic “roof waterproofing services” for different types of roofs (residential & industrial ) with extra features & extra results. KCS Waterproofing is providing multi dimensional roof waterproofing services for multiple roofs types with modern techniques, skilled team & imported waterproofing chemicals. KCS Waterproofing has providing cementitious roof waterproofing services admixture roof waterproofing services bitumen roof waterproofing services tow component roof waterproofing services since last 12 years. 

Roof Waterproofing Treatment/Procedure

Karachi Chemical Services KCS Waterproofing is providing multi task standard roof waterproofing services with dynamic features.  The roof waterproofing process or roof leakage waterproofing involves a thorough & proper cleaning & washing, proper scrapping removal of damaged concrete parts, repair of all cracks, proper filling & cloth bandage on major cracks, leaks and other joints prone to leakage, primer coating, sheet pasting & two thick waterproofing coating on complete roof. Prior to the roof waterproofing treatment & repair, roof surface must be thoroughly cleaned & washed, oil and other loose material. This ensures that this is not a stop-gap treatment, but the entire surface is treated and waterproofed. This proper cleaning & washing ensures the proper bonding of waterproofing coating & adhesives. These multiple tasks play very important role in a standard roof waterproofing treatment. 

These tasks play very important role for a standard & long lasting roof waterproofing treatment

Types of Roof Waterproofing 

There are different ways and techniques to waterproof a roof are provided in Karachi Pakistan. Different materials & techniques are used in roof waterproofing depending upon the type of damage & type of roof. Though the commonly used are methods following

  • Tow Component Roof Waterproofing Coating
  • Admixture Roof Waterproofing Coating
  • Cementitious Roof Waterproofing Coating
  • Elastomeric Roof Waterproofing Coating
  • Some waterproofing coatings are brush & roller applied but bitumen membrane is torch applied
  • Along with all these waterproofing coatings some extra feature cloths & sheets are used to get best water
  • Bitumen Roof Waterproofing Coating
  • Cold Bitumen Roof Waterproofing Coating
  • Hot Bitumen Roof Waterproofing Coating
  • Bitumen Membrane Roof Waterproofing (1mm to 4mm)
  • Bitumen Foil Membrane Roof Waterproofing (1mm to 4mm)
  • resistance and long life

Why to waterproof a roof?

In the modern times all we came to know that everything needs a repair & maintenance to get the best & long life use of anything. As we came to know through this article roof is the basic part of a building/structure it need as well a proper repair, maintenance & waterproofing  to  prevent damage to structure. To waterproofing a roof prevents major damages to structure like water and moisture which seeps through a leaky roof slowly corrode the steel angles and beams which support your home. Concrete too is a porous material and waterproofing of roof prevents deterioration. Proper repair & waterproofing of a roof not only protect a roof from leakage seepage & rain water but also gives it a long life.

Roof Types in Karachi Pakistan & KCS’s Waterproofing Experience

KCS Waterproofing has long waterproofing experience of different types of roofs. All roof needs different types of materials & different types of waterproofing coatings depending upon the type of roof damage.  RCC Roof Waterproofing, Slab Roof Waterproofing, Flat Roof Waterproofing, Inclined Roof Waterproofing, Wavy Roof Waterproofing, Corrugated Roof Waterproofing, Cement Sheet Roof Waterproofing, Wooden Roof Waterproofing, Metal Sheet Roof Waterproofing, Warehouse Roof Waterproofing, Container Roof Waterproofing, Factory Roof Waterproofing, Industrial Roof Waterproofing, Sheds Waterproofing, Wooden Roof Waterproofing & Plain Roof Waterproofing.