Roof Repair Services

Roof Repair

Roof Leakage Repair

Roof leakage is really disturbing issue during the rainy season. So roof leakage should be treated very seriously before the rainy season to stay safe & comfortable in rain. KCS Waterproofing Company is providing best waterproofing services for all kinds of roof leakages with modern techniques & high quality materials.

A roof repair broadly means to fix the cracks leaks joints patch a complete damage roof repair treatment before the rainy season. Though it is very important to know what type of damage repair a roof needs to fix such leaks, damage, and wear and tear the basic reason of leakage seepage.

Roof Repair Services

Karachi Chemical Services -KCS Waterproofing is the only 100% professional waterproofing company in Karachi Pakistan has been providing different types of roof repair services for all rcc metal fiber cement sheet warehouse container home factory roofs since last 12 years. KCS Waterproofing is well experienced in roof repair services specially damaged roofs in rain/storm or direct leakage seepage. Roof repair services involves different procedures & selection of material depending upon the type of roof damage. Except this all roof repair involves also a skilled & experienced diagnosis to repair the concealed roof cracks joints leaks patched etc. KCS Waterproofing is 100% professional in roof repair services & well equipped to deal with roof leakage repair. KCS Waterproofing has been fixing roof leakages very successfully. Our client list is the clear evidence of our success

Process of Roof Repair 

No doubt roof repair is of high importance to stay safe & comfortable during the rainy days. Roof repair should be fixed before the rainy days.  KCS Waterproofing is providing a best multi stage roof repair services. The process of roof repair involves a thorough cleaning & washing of the roof, proper cracks repair, damaged roof parts repair, proper filling of all cracks with flexible waterproofing material, let it be dry for few hours, refill the cracks in case of expansion, pasting of 6 to 8 ounce 4” inches wide cloth bandage on cracks, leaks, joints, patches & damages. Application of two thick waterproofing coatings on complete roof. This is the standard roof repair treatment afterwards more waterproofing coating may be applied on complete roof if needed.  KCS Waterproofing is well experienced in following roof repair services

  • RCC Roof Repair Services
  • Metal Roof Repair 
  • Underground Water Tank Repair
  • Overhead Water Tank Repair
  • Warehouse Roof Repair 
  • Container Roof Repair 
  • Residential Roof Repair 
  • Flat Roof Repair 
  • Water Tank Repair Waterproofing
  • Rain Storm Wind Damage Roof Repair

Roof Leakage Waterproofing 

Karachi Chemical Services – KCS Waterproofing is the only waterproofing company in Karachi Pakistan providing top quality “Roof Leakage Waterproofing Services ” in Karachi Pakistan. Roof Leakage Waterproofing is basically a process to waterproof a roof from all kinds of leakage seepage & direct rain water leakage. Roof Leakage Waterproofing Solution or roof leakage waterproofing insulation is a prevention & life extension treatment. Roof Leakage Waterproofing is generally applied in any area exposed to water such as foundations, roofs, bathrooms, pools, tunnels, bridges etc. Roof Leakage waterproofing is carried out through cementitious, admixture, elastomeric & bitumen waterproofing materials but to insulate a roof needs some extra features. Different waterproofing materials are selected to waterproof different structures depending upon the type. Roof Leakage Waterproofing is crucial to prevent water leakage  specially to the roof tops to prevent leakage seepage.

Roof Leakage & Seepage

Leakage & seepage both are different in nature. Seepage doesn’t require any visible cracks hole or passage in walls or roof of the house, warehouse, factory container etc. It occurs when the concrete roof water tank swimming pool wall or slab is porous and water appears on its surface by escaping through the pores. So seepage is physically invisible. The basic source of seepage is available pores in cement/concrete. Availability of pores is natural in cement/concrete. Whereas Leakage occurs when there is a visible crack hole or passage in the roof water tank wall or bathroom. The leakage in roofs is generally caused by cracks, holes, roof damage, clogged drainage pipes and improper slopes. This results in standing water which leads to leakage and seepage in the ceilings below.

Roof Leakage Seepage Damages

If there is no attic, or the size of the leak is big, it will damage the interior ceiling. In Karachi Pakistan generally there is no attic in the roof is formed. Attic is formed mostly in European countries. So impact of roof leakage damage is intense in case of roof leakage seepage esp here in Karachi. Affected ceiling paint will darken and ceiling plaster may bubble and expand. There will be a huge risk of falling expanded & bubbled cement plaster of ceiling. The leaking water also will damage paint and plaster on nearby walls. You can also expect damage on ceiling-mounted lights and fans. As a whole roof leakage seepage damage disturb the complete living areas.

Roof Repair Solution 

Everyone should be very careful about taking the necessary precautions while finding a permanent solution for roof leakage. However, most roof leakage can be easily repaired and doesn’t require much expertise. But typical roof leakages needs intense care & solution. Let’s take a look at how to stop water leakage from the roof and learn some easy roof leakage solutions and fixes. Roof Leakage Solution needs  proper cleaning & washing, cracks filling, repair of damaged concrete roof parts, cracks repair & cloth bandage, leaks and other joints prone to leakage. Before fixing any roof leakage, it’s important to find the main spot of the leak. A leaking roof denotes a visible cracks holes passages or patchy roofs. It’s important to note any crack in your ceiling won’t start leaking immediately. Roof leakage takes time to form and find a place to drip. Even normal wear and tear can lead to a leaking roof if not taken care of properly.