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Waterproofing Services

Roof Waterproofing Services

KCS an icon of quality and reliability in chemical waterproofing industry. Dynamic and innovative roof waterproofing services. A beacon of innovative and reliable in chemical waterproofing industry

Waterproofing is the process of applying a material to an object or structure so it resists the ingress of water or remains relatively unaffected by exposure to moisture under specific conditions. Waterproofing is typically used on structures that, under normal circumstances, would not be operable in wet or damp environments

Karachi Chemical Services – KCS Waterproofing is high rated waterproofing company in Karachi providing all kinds of waterproofing services for all kinds of residential roofs, commercial roofs, industrial roofs, underground water tanks, overhead water tanks, rcc roofs, warehouse roof, container roof. KCS Waterproofing is providing reinforced waterproofing services with high grade waterproofing materials, modern techniques and standard application methods. Roof Waterproofing roof heat proofing roof repair roof leakage repair water tank leakage repair roof leakage treatment water tank leakage treatment waterproofing services roof waterproofing services roof waterproofing company roof waterproofing solution roof waterproofing treatment roof waterproofing insulation roofing services roofing solution roof treatment services roof leakage repair treatment roof waterproofing specialist roof waterproofing roof insulation services roof insulation treatment roof heat proofing treatment roof roof heat proofing services roof heat proofing company roof heat proofing solution roof heat proofing insulation roof heat insulation.  We are providing following quality waterproofing services


Roof Waterproofing Solutions

Want a comprehensive waterproofing and heat proofing solutions? Dive into the wide range of KCS’s versatile and eco-friendly specialized solutions that are ideal for above, below or at ground level application. Better you have a look at KCS’s integrated and reliable waterproofing solutions. Our advanced roof waterproofing solutions provide complete protection from complex challenges for water leakage problems. KCS’s innovative waterproofing solutions are based on industrial challenging asphaltic rubber formations that combine the elastic properties of modified rubber, with weatherproofing and waterproofing characteristics. 

KCS is the leading producer of solutions for roof waterproofing and roof heat proofing in Karachi Pakistan. KCS Waterproofing offers a large and comprehensive system of waterproofing solutions and heat proofing solutions, ensuring a durable roofing systems and construction. Our waterproofing solutions add life years to your projects. Our users business offers a range of customizable system of solutions that addresses almost every surface such as roof, basement, wet areas, water-bodies, terrace roof, walls, heat proofing and waterproofing.

Get the best solutions for roof waterproofing, roof heat proofing, fountain waterproofing, water tank repair solutions and concrete construction in Pakistan – As compared to heat proofing solutions, waterproofing solutions are used abundantly due to the excessive water leakage issues in the buildings. Our waterproofing solutions gives you better protection to your home against dampness, roof leakage seepage issues and rain water protection. 

Waterproofing is providing one of the more modern ways of waterproofing involves the use of sticky liquid called Sealant XT100. Sealant XT100 is a form of reinforced polymeric, and is sticky and viscous, which makes it a perfect waterproofing layer for floors and roofs. There could be other additives added to Sealant XT100 to make the mixture more flexible and waterproof. Liquid chemical flat roof waterproofing is popular because this is easier to fix roof leaking cracks and is very lightweight too. It does not add much weight to the roofs, and the membrane is quite flexible.

Roof Repair & Waterproofing

Q. What is roof roof repair? A. The Roof repair is the process of repairing roof surface through different cloth bandages repair techniques cement plaster cracks repair crack filling damage repair to enhance the life of roof and to secure from any water leakages moisture rain by using high quality waterproofing chemicals and materials. Basically roof repair refers to the process of fixing or restoring the functionality and integrity of a damaged roof. Due to the reason over the time roof suffer various issues leaks cracks sagging damages parapet wall wearing and tearing.

Q. What is the Roof Waterproofing? A. The Roof Waterproofing is a process of making roof surface secure from any water leakages moisture rain by using high quality waterproofing chemicals materials and techniques. The roof waterproofing is the engineering process involves applying special coating (Cementitious Rubberized Liquid Bitumen) to establish and effective watertight seal. KCS Waterproofing can take care of that you.

Q. What is waterproofing? A. Waterproofing is the process making an object structure (concrete cement wood paper cloth etc.) water resistant by applying waterproofing coating so that water can not effect in any condition. In civil engineering waterproofing is the method which prevents water penetration in structure (Roof Wall Floor House Water Tank). According to the ACID waterproofing is the treatment of a surface or structure to resist passage of water. 

Q. What is roof treatment? A. The roof treatment involves repair coating or spraying onto the roof surface to stop the water leakages and maintain increase the life of roof. Rain water and sunlight gradually breaks down and damage the roof surface. Therefore roof treatment is a method polymer modified cementitious slurry waterproofing coatings applied onto the roof surface. KCS roof treatment is specially designed to increase the life of roof.

Q. What is roofing service? A. The roofing service involves repairing or replacement of a roof. Many problems arise due to aging weathering and rain water leakages or other factors. Leaky roofs commonly required frequent roofing services. Rain water accumulation and leakage can damage structure profoundly. 

Q. What is roof insulation? A. The roof insulation is a process to control roof temperature through different insulation materials (Glass Wool Thermopore Fiberglass Cellulose or Recycle Materials). Roof insulation helps to keep the desired temperature in the building. Its act as a barrier to heat and gain. There are several types of insulation. While waterproofing insulation acts to stop water from escaping or entering into the building’s living areas. Our waterproofing insulation protects building’s against direct rain water, moisture and leakage seepage. If your roof is leaking during rain you need waterproofing insulation services. KCS Waterproofing is using most effective insulation for roof waterproofing. This is highly insulating waterproofing coating. Although it is a waterproofing insulation coating but it keep a rooftop dry inside and outside. Thus, naturally keeping a building safe and long life needs to remain 100% dry inside and outside 

Q. What is roof heat proofing? A. Roof heat proofing is a process used to reduce the heat absorb by the roof surface of a building. Its works by heat reflective coatings, ply sheets, reinforcing fabric, glass wool, Thermo-pore or alternate bitumen layers. Roof heat proofing is als known as Solar Heat Reflective Coating. Simply, heat proofing means a process of creating a barrier or hurdle between the two objects one hot and the other is cold. One of the best economic methods of roof heat proofing is to apply a reflective coating to it. 

Roof Heat Proofing Coating Paint

If you are looking answer of the question What is roof heat proofing? KCS has the best answer – Basically, roof heat proofing is a technique used to reduce the heat absorbed by the roof of a building. It works as a heat-reflective coating or material to the roof, which reflects the sun’s UV rays and prevents them from being absorbed. If your roof is fully exposed to sunlight and you are worried about heating problem avail KCS’s roof heat proofing services. This helps to keeps the building cool and can reduce energy costs. Being specialist in roof heat proofing KCS is providing best heat proofing through specially designed UV Reflector 101 a thick pure milky white roof heat reflective coating paint. UV Reflector 101 is sunlight UV rays reflector easy to apply through paint brush or roller on roof tops. UV Reflector 101 can be applied on rcc roof wooden roof metal roof fiber roof warehouse roof container roof. 

There are several types of heat proofing and several materials are used for roof heat proofing, including reflective coatings, insulation materials and roof heat-reflective tiles. The most common method of Roof heat proofing in Pakistan is roof heat reflective coatings, apply pure milky heat reflectors on rooftops. It has best heat resistance even in hot summer days. Due to its pure milky white appearance it resist/reflect sunlight from penetration into the roof. Insulation materials are used to create a barrier between the roof and the building’s interior, while heat-reflective tiles are used to replace traditional roof tiles with materials that are better at reflecting heat.

Benefits of Roof Heat Proofing:

Roof heat proofing has long listed benefits, low cost light weighted high heat endurance extra heat resistance extra heat reflection extra heat protection pure milky white durable delicate look fine surface. Reduce temperature up to 95%. Extra benefits reduce cooling cost reduces electric bill ends suffocation itchy & atmosphere. 

Roof Leakage Repair

The roof is the element that insulates and protects house from rain water, frost, snow and wind. It is therefore essential to keep it in good condition in all the seasons. Numerous signs like water leakages, stains, fungus on the ceiling and infiltration show that the roof is no longer watertight and damaged. In this case KCS Waterproofing highly prefer you need roof repair services. KCS’s liquid membrane roof leakage repair treatment includes repairing old concrete roof, existing rcc metal slab treatment is by far the most common types of roof repair projects. Metal roof repair, although metal roofs are one of the longest lasting roofing system but it needs a frequently and intense roof repair leakage treatment. Older roofing may need a proper due roof repair. 

Roof repair leakage treatment cost depends upon the type of repair, cost can run vary as per minor roof repair and major roof repair. Roof repair and leakage repair treatment keeps your in tact until the time does come to replace it. But, only in extreme cases you need realistically replace your entirely. Otherwise, all kinds of roofs are repairable. KCS Waterproofing has guidelines, techniques, materials and tools to repair rcc flat concrete slab roof metal fiber sheet precast roofs also repairable. So, KCS Waterproofing highly recommend mostly get your roof repaired, maintained and cleaned properly quarterly. As compared to residential roofs commercial roofs needs more care, repair and maintenance. Always, communicate with a trusted roofing contractor about your potential options moving forward. KCS’s roof repair is a set of action taken following damage to the roof. It involves roof repair, roof maintenance, refurbishing as well as replacement. But in rare case a roof needs replacement.  

Water Tank Leakage Waterproofing Treatment 

 If you are living in Karachi and are upset & worried about water tank leakage of underground water tank or overhead water tank. Its time to end up being upset or worried.  Karachi Chemical Services – KCS Waterproofing company is providing one window waterproofing solution for both underground water tank leakage  & overhead water tank leakage. KCS Waterproofing is the only waterproofing company in Karachi Pakistan providing a complete water tank leakage repair solution for underground concrete water tank overhead concrete water tank with 100% warranty. The process Water tank waterproofing or water tank leakage repair involves a thorough & proper cleaning, proper scrapping removal of dirt fungus, repair of all cracks, proper filling & cloth bandage on major cracks, leaks and other joints prone to leakage, afterwards application of two thick cementitious waterproofing coating on walls & bottom. Prior to the water tank repair, water tank waterproofing, water tank insulation, the water tank is thoroughly cleaned of dirt, oil and other loose material. This ensures that this is not a stop-gap treatment, but the entire surface is treated and waterproofed.

We are providing water tank waterproofing services in industrial as well as residential areas. Water Tank Leakage Repair Water Tank Repair Services Water Tank Waterproofing Water Tank Leakage Water Tank Repair Waterproofing Water Tank Leakage Solution Water Tank Repair Solution Water Tank Solution Water Tank Leakage Solution Water Tank Waterproofing Services Water Tank Leakage Waterproofing Water Tank Repair Solution Water Tank Waterproofing Solution Underground Water Tank Leakage Repair (Underground/Overhead) Water Tank Leakage Repair Solution in Karachi KCS Roofing Specialist

Roof Waterproofing in Karachi Pakistan

KCS Waterproofing has been providing roof waterproofing services in Karachi DHA Defence Clifton Karachi Tariq Road Karachi PECHS Karachi SMCHS Bahadurabad Clifton Shahra e Faisal Baloch Colony Manzoor Colony Malir Nazimabad North Nazimabad New Karachi FB Area Karachi Al Hilal Society Site Karachi Korangi Korangi Industrial Area Port Qasim Kemari Karachi Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi Gulistan e Johar Gulshan e Jamal Karachi Mosmiyat Karachi Bahadurabad PIB Colony PNT Society Karachi Rahimabad Colony Jaffer Tayar Karachi Model Colony Karachi Buffer Zone Export Processing Zone Karachi Landhi Industrial Area Landhi Karachi Quaidabad FB Area Area Industrial Area Karachi Bahria Town Karachi Dhoraji Hyderabad Nooriabad Kotri Jamshoro Sukkur Larkana Dadu Sehean Nawabshah Mehar Khairpur Mithi Islamkot Sindh Pakistan since 2008. Roof Waterproofing Services.

Concrete Rcc Roof Waterproofing Services

KCS Waterproofing dive into the wide range of roof waterproofing services specially designed to prevent the water leakages on rcc concrete slab precast types of roofs. Roof waterproofing services is the process of applying an impermeable material layer to concrete slabs to stop moisture from entering and making the building waterproof. Concrete slabs are permeable and porous – they absorb moisture, waterborne toxins, and compounds that weaken the structure and cause health hazards.Our chemical roof therapists and therapies are by far one of the most time-environment friendly strategies of waterproofing services. Our waterproofing chemicals and materials are designed to withstand any type of water related problems for buildings. The same is the case for RCC roof as professional KCS waterproofing will increase your roof’s endurance and prevent water seeping through the concrete.

What is Cementitious Roof Waterproofing?

Cementitious waterproofing coatings are types of breathable coating that can give concrete and masonry surfaces positive and negative side waterproofing. Positive side waterproofing creates a barrier on the side of surface in question that has applies Sealant XT100. This outer side surface is closest to the soil. Negative side waterproofing, on the other hand, protects the surface that is opposite the side that has applied Sealant XT100. An example of this would be the inside of abasement or underground water tank. In addition to keep moisture out these waterproofing coatings can prevent damage from mold mildew and water infiltration into the cement. 

Cementitious waterproofing coatings are the probably the easiest waterproofing materials to use. Cementitious products are considered some of the easeist waterproofing materials to mix and apply on concrete/rcc roof water tank floor and wall. Waterproofing – Elastomeric Waterproofing Asphalt Waterproofing Coating Roof underlayment’s Waterproofing Solution are some typical type of waterproofing systems.

The cementitious waterproofing coating can be described as two-component breathable, seamless coatings used to provide positive and negative side waterproofing protection on concrete and masonry surfaces. Sealant XT100 coating protects from the effects of aggressive roof leakage seepage, moisture and water tank leakage and also resists direct rain water on roof tops or other all kinds of leakage seepage other substrates.

Roofing Specialist

Experience the excellence in roofing by KCS Roofing Specialist. Find from roof repair to roof maintenance call 0333 8977180. KCS Roofing Specialist is your trusted local roofing company providing both domestic and commercial roofing services in Karachi Pakistan. Whether it’s installing a new roof, repair, maintenance or an alteration we can put you in touch with one of our roofing specialist here. KCS Roofing Specialist has providing roofing services through specially designed materials, advanced tools and techniques since 2008

Roofing Services

Looking for residential roofing services near you? KCS Roofing is leading roofing contractor in Karachi providing different types of roofing services Roofing inspection Roof repairs Roof restoration Roof replacement Roof installation and Roof maintenance. Are you curious about what goes into a roofing job? Roofing services are professional services that involve the installation, repair, and maintenance of roofs on buildings. The Benefits of Roofing Services, it help you save money on your energy bills, Improve the insulation of your home and make it more weather-resistant. 

Elastomeric Roof Waterproofing

KCS Waterproofing is providing elastomeric waterproofing coating an above-grade exterior wall or roof coating that is approximately 10 times thicker than paint. Elastomeric is paint brush or roller applied thick adhesive gel solution. It forms an incredibly thick yet flexible rubber coating that helps waterproof the roof or exterior of a structure. It has extra features extra flexible extra adhesive extra bonding strength durable fine surface delicate look smooth flow to rain water. 

Admixture Roof Waterproofing 

KCS Waterproofing is basically an expert specialist in admixture waterproofing services – Admixture waterproofing is acrylic polymer modified Cementitious elastic water proofing coating for concrete and masonry surface. It is non toxic, has excellent adhesion, water tightness, anti crack reinforced, allows surface to breath and can resist carbonation. Admixture waterproofing is effective all kind of concrete structures. Admixture waterproofing has best results in roof waterproofing, water tank waterproofing, basement waterproofing, bathroom waterproofing, roof repair waterproofing, roof cracks repair waterproofing. Admixture waterproofing has strong bonding with concrete due to its nature of formation.

Bitumen Roof Waterproofing Services

KCS Waterproofing is providing best quality cold applied bitumen waterproofing services. Bitumen, also known as blacktop, is a gummy, black and highly gluey liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. Bitumen liquid-applied coatings are the perfect solution for seamless, fully-adhered and safe systems. Thanks to its waterproofing qualities, it is widely used in construction. Bituminous coating membranes are perfect for waterproofing roofs, basements, below-ground structures, bridges and other structures.

They are polymer-modified bitumen emulsions which require no torch or flame to be applied. They are available as water-based or solvent-based coatings. Cold-applied liquid waterproofing requires applying only one or two layers (after the primer) to achieve durable performance.

Roof Waterproofing Treatment

Roof Waterproofing Treatment is a method polymer modified cementitious slurry coatings are applied over the base roof concrete. The process is basically an attempt to exclude maximum amount of water or moisture from a structure.This technique of waterproofing is latest development in the field of roof waterproofing. Our experienced team at KCS Waterproofing contributes to delivering best waterproofing treatments in Pakistan with chemical treatment solutions such as roof roof leakage repair, roof seepage repair, roof leakage treatment, and roof crack joints repair. Our state-of-the-art waterproofing treatments will make sure that your flat rooftop gets the best security from any hazardous water leakages. Explore the best waterproofing treatments for roof wall water tank terrace and bathroom.

Explore Best Waterproofing Solutions

Q. What is waterproofing solution? A. KCS Waterproofing Solutions is a thick (cementitious elastomeric) brush applied liquid mixture to fix the roof leakage seepage damages and cracks to resist water etc in any condition.  Cementitious waterproofing is a common type waterproofing solution that involves applying a cement-based coating to roof surface to prevent water penetration. KCS is using waterproofing solution along with cutting edge methods to guarantee excellent roof waterproofing.S ealant XT100 waterproofing solution can be applied in different ways for different types of roofs depending upon the type of leakage and damage. Commonly use roof waterproofing solutions are liquid applied bitumen waterproofing solution cementitious waterproofing solution elastomeric waterproofing solution admixture waterproofing solution. These solutions are brush & roller applied. Among all Sealant XT100 is widely used in Pakistan for waterproofing treatments. 

Multi Stage Dynamic Roof Waterproofing

Being a leading waterproofing company in Pakistan Karachi Chemical Services (KCS) is offering best roof waterproofing services. So, if you are looking for a best waterproofing company your search is over. Do not wait & hesitate to call us 03338977180. We are the best and top of the list company in Karachi Pakistan being working since 2008. 
Our roof waterproofing is the best because we are using specially designed waterproofing materials two-component Sealant XT100 & single-component Aquashield AS100. Sealant XT100 is specially designed to repair the roof damages, roof cracks, roof leaks & roof surfacing. Aquashield AS100 is specially desgined rubberized chemical (polyurethane) for final long lasting and durable waterproofing. Due to the use of these standard & high quality waterproofing materials our roof waterproofing is of high quality in roof waterproofing services. Our roof waterproofing has following benefits

10 Major Benefits of Roof Waterproofing

There are enormous benefits of roof waterproofing. Though following are 10 major benefits of roof waterproofing
 1. Roof waterproofing provides a roof additional layer of protection from moisture, leakage seepage, rain water, decay, wear, snow and wind.
2. A commercial roof waterproofing needs extra protective layer to reflect damaging UV rays to reduce the impact of heat in hot summer days. 
3. It not only protects a roof from leakage seepage or direct water but also increase the life of a roof
4. It protects the interior of a building from humidity/seepage/leakage
5. It protects the interior colour of a building or structure
6. It saves the cost for major maintenance and damage repair
7. It provides a roof extra protective layer for rain storm wind damage protection
8. It provides a roof rust dust seasonal leakage seepage and direct rain water protection
9. A complete and thorough roof cracks repair leaks repair a complete roof repair in all respect
10. Roof waterproofing reduce the moisture/humidity/seepage/water leaks in a building. It let you live a comfortable life even in heavy rain. Low humidity also contributes to a healthy building environment by eliminating the moisture/humidity

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0333 8977180 – 0303 2513039 Choose a waterproofing company specialist in waterproofing services with professional approach and known for their quality workmanship when it come to residential roof leakage repair and roof waterproofing services. No matter the cause of damaged roof or leakage, we have the right materials, equipment and expertise necessary to take care of the problem. KCS’s Pro Plus  crew is fully certified and trained to diagnose leaks and repair emergency roof leakage issues under the worst possible conditions. We offer roof leakage repair and roof waterproofing services to mend and maintain all kinds of repair issues. Leaky roof repairs are one of our most common requests from our customers in Karachi Pakistan. Contact us for free roof waterproofing estimate.