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KCS an icon of quality and reliability in waterproofing industry – KCS Waterproofing is offering multi stage waterproofing services (Roof Waterproofing Services Roof Heat Proofing Water Tank Leakage Repair Treatment Roof Leakage Repair Roof Insulation Coating Services Roof Cool Services in Karachi Pakistan. Our dynamic waterproofing services are widely accepted in industrial & residential sectors. KCS Waterproofing is top rated waterproofing company in Karachi due to its multi stage advanced roof waterproofing services in DHA Clifton Tariq Road Defence Karachi Nazimabad PECHS Bahadurabad Hyderabad Nooriabad Kotri Site Area Jamshoro Sukkur Larkana Dadu Nawabshah Mehar Khairpur Mithi Islamkot Sindh Pakistan.

Water Tank Repair

Underground Overhead Water Tank Leakage Seepage Control Repair Solution in Karachi For Residential & Industrial Cement/Concrete Water Tanks

Roof Waterproofing Solutions

Our roof waterproofing solutions can help to buildup a water-resistant space by holding water from penetration through the concrete slab. Our waterproofing solution is a high quality an echo-friendly liquid waterproofing compound that forms a highly elastic and UV resistant membrane on concrete slab precast roofs

Container Waterproofing

Best Container Roof Waterproofing Services Metal Flat Corrugated GI MS Sheet. A very preventive process for rain water & rust protection. Overall, container roof waterproofing is an essential process that protects the container contents and prolongs the lifespan of the container itself.

Roof Heat Proofing

Roof Heat Proofing UV Reflector 101 Roof Heat Protective Insulation Coating Treatment is a specially designed pure milky white heat reflector for residential concrete slab roofs and industrial metal container warehouse roofs. A highly recommend roof heat proofing coating paint.

Roof Leakage Repair

Get a company with a unique experience of roof leakage repair and roof cracks treatment – (KCS) the well experienced waterproofing company providing vivid roof leakage seepage repair roof leakage control services through roof damage repair roof cracks repair roof concealed cracks repair & fixing major cracks cloth bandage Proper Cracks filling through specially designed material. 

Warehouse Waterproofing

Warehouse Roof Waterproofing Services – Roofing Services Contact Us Today 0333 8977180 Flat Roof Repair, Commercial Roofing, Roof Inspection and Roof Maintenance in Karachi Pakistan

Roof Waterproofing Treatment

Roof Waterproofing Treatment of roof slab a roofing and exterior is preventive process for direct water leakage seepage problems. The most important it becomes the integral part of the roof and acts as waterproofing treatment. If you are looking for a way to protect and safeguard roof through waterproofing treatment KCS Waterproofing is the one doing this in a way you are looking for.

Roof Waterproofing Services

KCS dive into the wide range of roof waterproofing services specially designed to prevent the water leakages on rcc concrete slab precast types of roofs. Roof Waterproofing Service is a process of applying an impermeable material layer to concrete slabs to stop moisture from entering and making the roof waterproof. Concrete slabs are permeable and porous – they absorb moisture. Same is the case with Rcc roof as professional KCS Waterproofing will increase your roof’s endurance and prevent water leakage seepage 

Roof Insulation Services

Roof Insulation Services Roof Heat Proofing Insulation Roof Waterproofing Insulation – Basically, roof insulation does mean to keep the desired temperature inside a building but it also serves to protect roof tops from water. In other words roof insulation serves for both heat protection and water protection in any case

About KCS company

A waterproofing company having a dynamic experience in roof waterproofing services roof heat proofing roof repair services water tank leakage solutions. Uniqueness of our waterproofing services is multi stage process fault diagnosis and specially designed high quality waterproofing materials. KCS has been providing waterproofing services since 2012. KCS Waterproofing is the top rated waterproofing company specially in Karachi Pakistan


A Dynamic Wide Range Multi Task Roof Waterproofing Services Roof Heat Proofing Roof Repair Services Water Tank Leakage Repair Treatment Waterproofing Insulation & Roofing Solutions


Experience the excellence in roofing by KCS Roofing Specialist. Find from roof repair to roof maintenance call 0333 8977180. KCS Roofing Specialist is your trusted local roofing company providing both domestic and commercial roofing services in Karachi Pakistan. Whether it’s installing a new roof, repair, maintenance or an alteration we can put you in touch with one of our roofing specialist here. KCS Roofing Specialist has providing roofing services through specially designed materials, advanced tools and techniques since 2008

Roof Waterproofing Services PECHS

Roof Waterproofing DHA

Roof Waterproofing Services Clifton

Roof Waterproofing Services Sukkur Larkana Dadu Sehwan

Call 0333 8977180 for a fastest growing roof waterproofing company KCS Waterproofing - Offering a wide range of roof waterproofing services concrete slab flat rcc metal fiber cement sheet home factory school college university warehouse container - residential and commercial

Roof Cool Services 

Roof Heat Proofing

The roof heat proofing process is a heat insulation system for concrete slab metal fiber sheet roofs. This process reduces heat gain through concrete slab metal fiber sheet roofs by more than 90%. It minimizes heat penetration  by protecting them from heat stress. Thereby making a roof highly heat resistant and it also saves energy consumed by cooling system. The most common roof heat proofing services in Karachi Pakistan is brush applied pure milky white heat reflector easy to apply light weighted and durable. KCS Waterproofing is providing best roof heat proofing making rooftops highly heat (UV Light) reflective.

Innovative and dynamic Roofing services by KCS Roofing Specialist - KCS is the only waterproofing company in Karachi providing 100% waterproofing services. KCS Waterproofing is a brand name is waterproofing solutions

Karachi chemical services

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Warehouse Roof Waterproofing Services

Metal Corrugated Container Roof Waterproofing Services

Arc Shell Flat Warehouse Roof Waterproofing

Roof Waterproofing Coating Paint Sheet Roof Waterproofing Services

Roof Heat Proofing Services Company in Karachi

Roof Waterproofing Services Company in Karachi

Flat Industrial roof waterproofing Services

Roof Leakage Repair 

Roof Waterproofing Services Solutions

Residential Roof Heat Proofing Services

Roof Waterproofing Treatment – Complete Roof Waterproofing Solution

Water Tank Leakage Seepage Control Waterproofing Solution in Karachi

Roof Waterproofing Solutions

Precast Roof Waterproofing Services

Roof Waterproofing Services

Roof Waterproofing Services

RCC Roof Waterproofing Services

Roof Cool Services – Roof Heat Proofing Insulation Coating Paint

Roof Repair Services Roof Waterproofing Treatment

Roof Waterproofing Services Rcc Fiber Metal Precast Container Warehouse Flat Corrugated

Multi stage waterproofing

12 Multi Stage Roof Waterproofing

Karachi Chemical Service – KCS Waterproofing is providing unique 12 multi stage roof waterproofing services for flat rcc precast residential roofs with best rain water leakage seepage protection. Our roof waterproofing services include following 12 multi stage


a. Proper cleaning of the roof
b. Proper washing of the roof
c. Proper securing of scrap in bags etc.

Roof Surface & Damage Repair
d. Proper cement repair of damaged roof parts
e. Proper treatment & filling of all major cracks
f. Cloth bandage on all major cracks 4” wide Strip
g. Application of thick coating on cloth bandage for covering

Application Procedure
h. Application of 1st primer coating
i. Application of 2nd coat for surfacing
j Proper pasting of Non Fabric Canvas (Sheet)
k. Application of 3rd coat for complete covering

Final Waterproofing Coating
l. Application of 4th coat of tensile strength (White/Green)
m. Application of 5th coat for waterproofing (White/Green)
Complete waterproofing complete in all respect

Reputable Roof Waterproofing Company in Karachi


Karachi Chemical Services – KCS Waterproofing is undoubtedly a reputable roof waterproofing company in Karachi offers with high-quality roof waterproofing services facilitating through specially designed standard waterproofing materials. 15 stages roof waterproofing services for all kinds of concrete flat rcc precast metal container fiber roofs with 100% direct rain water leakage seepage protection.


Decades of experience in ultimate waterproofing solutions through polymer modified waterproofing coatings. applied over the base roof concrete. Best waterproofing services in DHA and surrounding areas of Karachi. KCS contributes to delivering best roof waterproofing and roof heat proofing in DHA Karachi.
DHA Karachi
A well trained separated dedicated full time services and maintenance department 100% specialize and excel at roof waterproofing commercial and residential both. KCS explore a team of experts can confidently handle any kind of roof waterproofing job from basic to complete repair.
Faisal Pervez
Clifton Karachi
Discover a new way to build your site through updated version of waterproofing rich content with best repair and complete roofing solutions. Treatment extends the life of roof and provides roof a completely new look. This version of waterproofing has best resistance against rain water leakage seepage and best protection again sunlight (heat proofing). Protect your home with premium waterproofing and heat proofing features or checkout our other 5* rates roofing services.
Nadia Iqbal
PECHS - Bahadurabad
KCS Waterproofing - Modern waterproofing and heat proofing techniques, more efficient in nature. They are also more accurate and logical than traditional waterproofing techniques. Modern waterproofing techniques refer to innovative methods, tools, technologies, or approaches A technique is a particular method of doing an activity. KCS Waterproofing has various waterproofing techniques, for good governance of roof leakage repair, roof heat proofing and waterproofing services.
Talha Iqbal
SITE Area Karachi

KCS Roofing Solutions

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Karachi Chemical Services KCS

Waterproofing Company in Karachi

KCS Offers roof waterproofing services the best in class results in terms of quality budget and reliability. When you will avail our roof waterproofing for rcc concrete, it will ensures that the surface does not absorb water even in heavy rain or extreme weather conditions. We are using durability created waterproofing materials in our roof waterproofing service surely will solve roofing problems quickly through making a 100% insulation protective layer on the roof tops



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Karachi Chemical Services (KCS)
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Thermoplastic base roof waterproofing services with outstanding strength, stiffness, flexibility and optical clarity for all kinds of concrete structures

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KCS Waterproofing is a leading waterproofing company providing best quality waterproofing services in Karachi Pakistan with dynamic features & exceptional results

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KCS Waterproofing an icon of roof waterproofing services in Dadu Larkana Sehwan KN Shah Mehar Jamshoro Kotri Sukkur Nawabshah. KCS is the only waterproofing company providing waterproofing services with huge span in all over the Sindh Pakistan.