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Water Tank Leakage Repair

Karachi Chemical Services – KCS Waterproofing is the only “waterproofing company” in Karachi Pakistan providing a complete water tank leakage repair & water tank waterproofing services for underground water tank overhead water tank with 100% warranty. We are providing water tank repair & waterproofing with advanced techniques & imported food grade materials suitable for daily use water tanks. Our water tank repair & waterproofing involves a thorough & proper cleaning of water tank, proper scrapping removal of dirt fungus from the bottom of tank, repair of all cracks, proper filling & cloth bandage on major cracks, leaks and other joints prone to leakage, application of two thick cementitious waterproofing coating on walls & bottom. Prior to the water tank repair, water tank waterproofing, water tank insulation, the water tank is thoroughly cleaned of dirt, oil and other loose material. This ensures that this is not a stop-gap treatment, but the entire surface is treated and waterproofed.
water tank is a container for storing water for daily use drinking water, irrigation, farming, livestock, fire suppression & general use in houses. Water tanks are very useful in the water shortage areas. In Karachi Pakistan most of the areas are facing water shortages therefore water tanks are of high importance in Karachi to meet the water shortages.   Water tank parameters include the general design of the tank, and choice of construction materials, linings in Karachi Pakistan. Water tanks are an efficient way to help developing countries to store clean water.

Underground/Overhead Water Tank Waterproofing 

Underground/Overhead Water Tank Leakage Repair Solution in Karachi
De-watering of water through submersible pump, thorough cleaning & washing with fresh water, proper filling of all cracks joints leaks & patches, pasting thick cloth on major cracks, apply 2 coats of admixture waterproofing coatings (cement base polymer/acrylic modified highly flexible waterproof coating). admixture coating bonds properly with concrete & cement plaster due to its nature. This process of water tank waterproofing will not only fix the leakage seepage of water tank but will also enhance the life of water tank.
Water Tank – Types

Mostly two types of water tanks underground water tank overhead water tanks are formed in Karachi Pakistan. Various materials are used for making a water tank. Concrete water tanks, Plastic Water Tank Tank, Fiberglass Water Tanks, Steel Water Tank (Riveted & Welded). Earthen pots, such as matki used in remote areas of Pakistan South Asia, can also be used for water storage.

If you are really exhausted for water tank leakage stop worrying now. Karachi Chemical Services -KCS Waterproofing is the only 100% professional waterproofing company in Karachi Pakistan has been providing different types of quality Water Tank Leakage Repair Services for underground water tank & overhead water tank since last 12 years in all areas of Karachi & DHA Karachi. Our water tank leakage repair solution includes modern techniques to fix the water tank leakages

Water tank waterproofing – Importance

There are multiple reasons to waterproof a water tank underground as well overhead water tank. Water tank waterproofing does not mean only to stop the water leakage but it also enhances the life span of a water tank. So not only old or leaked water tanks needs waterproofing but all new tanks as well. Water tank waterproofing saves waste of water caused due to damaged wall tank. Saves also home/structure foundation from leakage caused by damaged tank walls. In Karachi mostly gutter lines are leak and this contaminated water is available all times outside the tank wall. Damaged & leak tank walls will let in this contaminated into the tank. Water tank waterproofing save water tank from this contaminated water. KCS Waterproofing is providing best water tank leakage solution for all such critical water tank leakage problems.

Water tank waterproofing – Benefits

  • Enhances the life span of a concrete water tank
  • Saves/Secure water waste due to water tank leakage
  • Secure structure’s foundation from leakage seepage caused by the damaged water tank walls
  • Saves water from contamination
  • Improves the water tank wall’s resistance to hold water within the confined limits
  •  As we know most of the water tank are made up  of the concrete material, its evident enough during construction a honeycomb is left in the walls. This can the basic source of water tank leakage. Water tank waterproofing has the ability to fill these honeycombs cracks joints leaks to make a perfect waterproof water tank.



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