Roof Heat Proofing

Roof Heat Proofing Services

If you are really worried for roof heat during hot summer days. Stop worrying now Karachi Chemical Services -KCS Waterproofing is providing best roof heat proofing solution for roof heat protection. KCS Waterproofing is providing Roof Heat Proofing Services with multiple varieties & dynamic results. KCS Waterproofing is providing roof heat proofing solution specially designed pure milky white thick roof coating. Two to three coats of this roof heat proofing solution are highly recommended to get the desired 05 to 06 degree heat protection. So, Roof Heat Proofing is basically a brush applied pure milky white heat reflective coating with the fine ability to reflect sunlight (UV Rays sunlight).

Different types of heat-proofing are provided in Karachi Pakistan, though Roof Heat Proofing or Heat Reflective Coating is one of the mostly used option available in the market due to its low cost easy to install light weighted durable high heat resistant. Specially designed pure milky white thick roof heat-proofing coating is basically UV Light reflector having a high heat endurance with extra features lightweight durable high heat resistant and can easily withstand harsh weather conditions.

How Roof Heat Proofing is done?

Roof Heat Proofing is a coating of Heat Reflective Coating Paints. These pure milky white thick coating have best reflection for solar radiation uv rays infra rays. The roof heat proofing process includes proper cleaning of the roof proper washing of roof. Application of 02-03 coats of UV Reflector 101 pure milky white thick heat reflective coating for complete coverage to have a best reflection. This heat reflective coating serves as the sun light reflector to protect roof tops in hot summer days. This process of roof heat proofing is in common practice in Karachi Pakistan.

Roof Heat Proofing Features

Due to its extra features low cost light weighted easy to install less time takes durable delicate look fine surface smooth flow to rain water. This solar roof heat proofing coating can save cooling cost and also will be effective running air conditioning systems in a house this is not an expensive affair and a Roof Cool Services/Cool Roof Services can save some money with extra roof heat proofing benefits.

Roof Heat Proofing Benefits

Roof Heat Proofing is heat reflective roof insulation coating. This will convert your existing old roof into new heat reflective roof. Roof Heat Proofing has some extra benefits longer lasting roof thermal shock protection heat reflective roof insulation corrosion protective & smooth flow to rain water delicate look fine surface

Roof Heat Proofing is modern technique to convert existing roof into cool roof, roof heat proofing treatment is low cost light weighted, 100% warranty even in hot summer days, durable and long life, delicate look & extremely fine surface, provides smooth flow to rain water. Pure Milky White In Color. We make it more possible feel free to contact us

  • Enhances your AC cooling
  • Fan gives you comfortable air instead of hot air
  • Decreases itchy atmosphere in the room
  • Decreases suffocation inside the room
  • Isolates room temperature and outer temperature
  • You can walk on top of the roof even in a hot summer day.

Energy Saving Features –┬áHeat Proofing

  • Low Cost
  • Light Weighted
  • Excellent Heat Resistance
  • High Heat Endurance
  • 95% Sunlight Reflection
  • Extra Sunlight Reflection
  • Extra Durable & Long Life
  • Pure Milky White in Color
  • Extremely Fine Surface
  • & Delicate Look