Roof Waterproofing Company in Karachi Pakistan Waterproofing Since 2008

Roof Waterproofing Company in Karachi Pakistan Waterproofing Since 2008

Karachi Chemical Services (KCS) has been working as waterproofing company since 2008 offering all kinds of waterproofing services specially for rcc concrete slab precast metal cement fiber sheets warehouse container roof. Our roof waterproofing services are top rated in the market with more than 15 years of roofing specialist experience.

Through vast experience of roof waterproofing services KCS Waterproofing has evolved an avant-garde application process to safeguard the structures in heavy rain fall. KCS Waterproofing  has amalgamated the old and modern waterproofing techniques to bring forth a multi stage waterproofing treatment that meets the dire needs of modern building. KCS Waterproofing concluded this by putting together the features of different waterproofing materials tensile strength, flexibility, boding strength, water resistance, solubility, crack bridging, insulation and above all the cost effectiveness. This is a panoramic waterproofing systems meeting complete needs of present time to protect a building structure.

Multi stage avant-garde roof waterproofing services is best fitting for rcc metal fiber flat sheet concrete precast container warehouse slab roofs. Due to the cost-effectiveness feature this waterproofing treatment is also suitable for residential roof waterproofing. 


Our vast roof waterproofing experience and professional approach make us different in the market.

Roof Waterproofing Treatment

roof waterproofing treatment solutions company with more than 15 years of expert experience. With vast experience in waterproofing treatments we stand top of the list in the market. KCS is working in all over the Pakistan offering roof waterproofing treatments for terrace, old concrete roof, concrete slab roof, balcony, storm wind damage roof, fiber, steel and wood.